About Doug

Doug Fortenberry M.Ed. has been successful in public education, and working for state government agencies helping those with disabilities for over 30 years. He completed twenty two years in education, and is presently working for a state agency in the great state of Texas, that helps individuals with disabilities from the ages of 14-24 find and maintain employment. Doug had three goals in life in regards to employment; high school guidance counselor, rehabilitation counselor, and motivational speaker. He has had successful stints in all three occupations, influencing thousands of students across Texas.

He has also worked as a successful marketing director for a major medical equipment supplier, and had short stints as an advertising executive and as a journalist. He has won numerous awards as an educator and guidance counselor. From teacher of the month to teacher of the year, and Community Builder Award, his work has had an impact on thousands of students and families.

He has also written numerous successful grants, and implemented a variety of programs in the guidance field that pertain to college advising, portfolio development, scholarship programs, personality assessment, data analysis and outcomes, and tracking graduates post high school endeavors.

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